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Bonsai Tips

1. Place your Bonsai tree in a place where it will get plenty of light, such as a sunny window.

2. A bonsai tree must have access to fresh-air.

3. Your Bonsai tree must be watered daily and watered until the water leaks out of the holes in the bottom of the pot.

4. Turn your bonsai tree everyday so the tree grows straight, wire may be used to shape the tree, although if the wire is left on too long the bark could be damaged.

5. Fertilize the tree every six to twelve months, this should be enough to keep the tree healthy.

6. The size of your bonsai pot should be a little more than two-thirds the height of your bonsai tree.

7. Pruning the roots of the tree is necessary to keep the size of the tree a miniature.

8. Don't prune the roots of the tree too often or the tree will become weak.

9. Keep your Bonsai inside away from frost.

Bonsai Tips and Growing Tips Bonsai Tips and Growing Tips Bonsai Tips and Growing Tips Bonsai Tips and Growing Tips